Case Files

Case 1: The Room with Melissa McGowan & Sean McGowan

Case 2: Room 237 with Rick Kelvinton

Case 3: 3 Dev Adam with Jack P Starro

Case 4: The Core with Elton McManus

Case 5: Star Wars Ep3 with Lee Medcalf

Case 6: MegaForce with Brandi Jackola

Case 7: Hulk with Pani Booyah

Case 8: Emergency court order Battlefield Earth with Martin Beeby and Chris from Video Nasties Podcast defending with Sean McGowan prosecuting.

Case 9: Our Dreddful Christmas Special

Case 10: Predator 2 with Dave Probert

Case 11: Sucker Punch with Neil Sheppard, Lee Medcalf and Pete Hammond

Case 12: The Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes with Neil Tidbury

Case 13: Hawk The Slayer with Gareth Lloyd

Case 14: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Crown Court Edition)

with Martin Thompson defending and Mr Matt Dillon prosecuting

Case 15: Thunderbirds 2004 with Lee Medcalf

Case 16: Rusty Metal In A Washing Machine Special with Mark Berryman

Case 17: Mortal Kombat (1995) with Phil Bellamy

Case 18: Christmas Jugdement with Chris Johnson, Jim Moon & Elton McManus On Trial

Case 19: Speed Racer with Jack P Starro

Case 20: The Phantom with Gareth Lloyd

Case 21: AVP Aliens vs Predator with Pete Hammond (LIVE) (Crown Court Edition)

Case 22: Street Fighter The Movie with Lee Medcalf

Case 23: The Warriors with Eamonn Clarke

Case 24: Red Sonja with Anne-Marie Organ(LIVE)

Case 25: Moonraker with Murray Christison

Case 26: Bloody Remakes Part 1 with Pete Hammond (LIVE) (Crown Court Edition)

Case 27: Bloody Remakes Part 2 with Pete Hammond (LIVE) (Crown Court Edition)

Case 28: Would you like to be the next witless for the defence….?

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